about RilRec


RR„RilRec Punkrock Indie-Label“ was established in February 2007 in Duisburg/Germany and welcomes the listernership with the solidarity-compilation “Wir hören nicht auf mit der Scheiße, bis die Scheiße aufhört!”, which means „We don´t stop the shit, until the shit stops.“ J A lot of famous Punkrock-Bands agreed to provide a song for this compilation, so that was the signal to release more sound recording mediums. In October 2007 the first band-releases (The Kleins, Nonstop Stereo) followed. Since that time RilRec continous grows and admited with the Irish band “Vamos”, with „Milenrama“ from Catalonia/Spain and with the “Guitar Gangsters” from London/UK the first international acts to the program. Meanwhile RilRec is domiliced in Essen, where the triumvirate, consisting of Maks, Lars and Frank, controls the RilRec-destiny.