2nd District 

 2nd District waren für eine CD auf RilRec und sind aktuell nicht mehr aktiv. 

 Town: Bochum

Line Up: Marc de Burgh (Vocals, Lead Guitars, Rhythm Guitars), Daniel Klein (Lead Guitars, Rhythm Guitars, Backings), Schwuppi (Bass, Backings), Keith Klein (Drums)

Germany `s finest Glam-PunkRock Band from Bochum came together in the summer of 2005. Deeply rooted in the Ruhr-Area, a „melting pot“ and former industrial region, 2nd District hit the spot for an explosive mix of so-called street credibility and a glamorous image….and of course …without losing the sense of their political and social awareness.

They released two longplayers on the old-established Punk/Rock`n Roll label PeopleLikeYou Records from Dortmund… beyond that they issued a couple of singles. „The Love has gone“(on Wanda Rec.), their new output (single &video) is a ticking time bomb of a single… ready to explode with the same intensity that once has bands like „Manic Street Preachers“, “Buzzcocks” or „Placebo“ brought into the spotlight.

With this outputs and touring the big cities and small villages all over in Germany, Austria, the Czech Republic ,France, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Belgium etc.-these guys showed that they belong to the spearhead of german underground Punkrock/ IndieRock.